Calle 13 Net Worth 2022-2023

Calle 13

Calle 13 can be a Puerto Rican music group who was simply put together by two stepbrothers, René Pérez Joglar and Eduardo José Cabra Martínez. The music group provides three paid members: René as tip singer/songwriter; Visitante as multi-instrumentalist, singer and round designer; Ileana (PG-13) being the down words.

This music group provides published six business cds, as well as these have the world-record for person Grammy captures with 21 profits despite a abruptly job that they initiated around 2004. To understand more details on the annals, release, advancements, advancement, grants and final value of Calle 13, stay with me information.


Calle 13 was going to be establish around 2003 by René Pérez Joglar and Eduardo José Cabra Martínez, have been stepbrothers. Eduardo’s fathers and mothers originate Cuba, while René’s fathers and mothers originate Puerto Rico. These People familiar with inhabit a community inside the Southern Bronx named Consejo.

René Pérez Joglar is especially named Residente which implies “Resident” in french. The expression Residente have received to René thanks to his passion for Puerto Rico. Eduardo José Cabra Martínez is referred to as Visitante which implies “Visitor” in french.

The structure about this music group hasn’t been a well planned one. Each siblings happen to be spending time in René’s accommodate and they usually did start to act as a bit of music. They received uncovered by Elias pour Leon, that’s a popular Puerto Rican songs designer.

The single which had these people identified was going to be recognized as “Querido F.B.I.” which implies “Dear F.B.I.” in french, as well as it had been published around 2004, as well as will still be common despite countless a long time since his or her liberate.

The music group provides published 6 business cds since that time in addition to their premier cd was launched around 2005, as well as the distinction about this cd was going to be recognized as “Residente o Visitante”. We spent these people too much effort to liberate a moment business cd mainly because they happen to be very busy traveling across the world in their number 1 business cd.

Their moment business cd was launched around 2007, as well as his or her name’s recognized as “Los pour Atrás Vienen Conmigo” which implies “Those on all fours can come with Me”.


At number 1, Calle 13 were not equipped with the tools to generate a new music online or cd. Which means that they thought they would arrange a records on facebook simply just with time so they can reach out an assembly and put on reputation as specialists. At some point and progression of songs, these resolved it had been in the end moment experience a threat by getting hold of black Lion files about finalizing making use of the agency- which conduct these people into attainment!

Their number 1 one can be häpna för vale to-to. The songs online was going to be designed completely by René, which in addition borrowed the situation by his own towards the black Lion research. This single cut prominent and introduced an excellent volume reputation to class.

The music group posted a number 1 cd in 2006 known as Calle 13 including a few of the push records similar to Atrevete-te-te which subsequently was crowned title of this music group in Puerto Rican and so that it is let greatly attractiveness and reputation inside the cosmopolitan music business. For that reason cd, these triumphed 3 Latin Grammy honors inside the greatest urbanized songs cd, greatest abruptly variation online and greatest brand-new singer.

In 2007, the music group posted a moment cd named Residente letter client. This cd included some push records similar to One thing enjoyable and Tango of letter. The 3rd cd had been in 2010 2008 named Los Detras Venme which turned a big hit with push records similar to None of us such as you and new york Perla.

Their 4th cd had been in the majority 2010 named en comptant quienes Queran exactly where a focus had been in designing cultural consciousness. A last cd was going to be a big hit which was given nominations in 10 classes and 9 all of them profiting the honor. This fix an archive about this music group to starting to be the best amount person Grammys up to now.

In 2014, these posted a 5th cd named MultiViral which aimed at promoting treatment with its results on folks. There were a-temporal mort associated with the music group as said by Resindente in 2015 as each affiliate desired to continue a private concerns.

Awards and accomplishments

Calle 13 has already established primary advances all over a job during which they want moved the songs business in a smart way. But, nevertheless they in addition have triumphed a great number of grants and grow into the students to acquire a great number of person Grammys up to now. They already have moreover, accomplished a great number of nominations which developed into a roaring success.

Net Worth of Calle 13 in2022

Calle 13 Net Worth
Calle 13 Net Worth

As of process 2022, Calle 13 provides nearly final value of fifteen bucks Million. This originate the prospects the music group made through his or her quite a few business cds which happen to have get an effective push and attainment.

They certainly managed to make a great number of cash flow which happen to have cut in love to their final benefit. Even with a-temporal feeling, the music group is still in the market of making payments across the purchase of the cds. Moreover, the music group once had gigs since they happen to be involved.

In verdict, Calle 13 happens to be about the most flourishing songs necklaces all over the world. Although it decided not to act as a band, the stepbrothers understood precisely how capable these people were for that reason pregnancy to thought of establishing his or her music group. The willpower associated with the music group continually built them into to keep about evening in their records however simply being injured records.