FPSRussia Net Worth 2022-2023


FPSRussia will be a generally fashionable pull and a facebook transmit that includes explosives and weapons. Each video recording that has been published in the transmit informs clients regarding the chronicle, as well as aspects of guns the video recording founder “Myers” would utilization in that video recording. Due to the fact day of plunge, the FPSRussia transmit boasts received the seven million-subscribers.

One of what people today like regarding this transmit would be that Myers takes a considerable pair of alternating machines with guns which might be listed during the movies. Several of the most-watched movies on the transmit contain a golden AK-47, a .50 BMG weapon, an armoured flock jar and a Bofors 40 mm created anti-aircraft cannon.


Myers commenced its vimeo transmit “FPSRussia” on May 19, 2010. It will be probably the most renowned “explosive and weaponry” transmit on vimeo. When he needed to park vimeo transmit, he soon started publishing movies off their fashionable YouTubers consists of xSocrates.

Due to Myers’ availability of material, the guy thought to be add movies on explosives look at to the people the way that they am employed in real-life.

The important information which he offered parking movies really helped website visitors to compare and contrast the way in which these explosives can be listed in games, cinema, as well as shows. As he was ever working on a motorized vehicle dealer, many its member professionals remained country. When the rope became the concept of creating videos in “Russian” accessory.

He became keen on mimicking its accessory and tried it to generate video quality “Dimitri” and recorded heating weaponry in the loved ones farmhouse in Georgia. Myers too works 33% vimeo transmit also known as FPSRussiaTV. After a pause of nine-months on March 10, 2014, he soon started helping and posting movies on vimeo.  From May 2016, the transmit grew to be extinct.


After the prosperity of FPSRussia, Myers put the building blocks of its next vimeo transmit as “MoreFPSRussia”. In September 2011, the guy partnered with “Epic Meal”. This Way collaboration, the guy gained over 8.793 million thoughts about its Videos.

Myers’ quality benefits the live-fire section of excellent internet sequence “Machinima.com” referred to “The operator: decoration of accept Warfighter”.

On July 29, 2012, the transmit founder seemed in a live-action truck “Call of burden: man Ops Two” as being the quality referred to “Dmitri”. This truck was ever guided by person Ritchie.

In January 2012, Myers designed a booming Kickstarter strategy, referred to “FPS Empire: The Game”. It turned out emitted in parade 2013 for apple’s ios products in the software business along with other manufacturer selected Zaah. Around 2014, FPSRussia became graded at 78th place the best 100 networks on NewMediaRockstars.

Since 12 months 2010, jois ended up anchoring in the “Painkiller now” podcast regarding the added recognized YouTuber characters.

On March 6, 2013, one of many essential people in manufacturing group of FPSRussia’s referred to Keith Ratliff became slaughtered in the piece retailer.  Ratliff was ever the person who accustomed to try out the weapons that utilized in the development of the movies.

After the killing of Ratliff, the creation of movies of FPSRussia transmit located a halt. This sustained till March 19, 2013.

Awards & advances

In 2014, FPSRussia populated 78th place the best hundred vimeo networks inscribed on NewMediaRockstars.

FPSRussia have been the success of Webby honors 2013 For cod: man Ops Two.  

The acclaim for FPSRussia produced the development of another vimeo transmit as “MoreFPSRussia”.

With the connection with “Epic Meal” In june 2011, the transmit accumulated over 8 million thoughts about its movies.

In 2012, the transmit founder became possibility to show up in the truck “Call of burden: man Ops Two” that recorded solid accomplishment.

In Marching 2013, FPSRussia produced another effective strategy, “FPS empire: the action” with all the confirm of other video game developer “Zaah”.

Net Worth of FPSRussia in 2022

FPSRussia Net Worth
FPSRussia Net Worth

FPSRussia is about the greatly pursued vimeo signals that’s acquired over 835 million video recording looks and 6.5 million list members in the vimeo transmit. This formal vimeo transmit of Georgian guns creates a fundamentally basic part of your profit from your incomes obtained from your demand for the movies, as well as the advertising that work on the transmit. The making of a live-action truck as “Call of burden: man Ops Two” a direction by person Ritchie accumulated plenty of accomplishment. On the internet value of the FPSRussia transmit will be worked out being eight hundred dollars thousand adjusted might 2022.

FPSRussia is about the effective electronic models to know about the numerous varieties of guns and explosives. Video subject matter functions as the right ways to instruct those viewing about your electric, elements, as well as original services.