Mossimo Net Worth 2022-2023


Mossimo can be a major international dress agency rendering what they are offering and products the world over. The name proved by your prominent custom Mossimo Giannulli. The who owns the dress agency can be Iconix Brand Group. The leading headquarter for the agency operating out of Irvine, California, United States. More than 22 personnel are dealing with the firm to offer their services and products the world over.


In 1986, the firm ended up being conceptualized by Mossimo Giannulli in Newport Beach, California, United States. The beginner normally requires credit of $100,000 car loan from his / her daddy to begin with the firm. Giannulli must break a beachwear name at this point. The e banner placed on tees and shirt will get overnight prominent among consumers. Within not too long ago, the firm earned $a million. Next entire year, the firm grossed $a million.

The beginner for the agency grew the manufacturer dress series, as well as an array of models like knits, sweatshirts, as well as knitted clothing. In 1995, we announced women’s dress and men’s individualized matches. The agency turned out to be a big multimillion-dollar dress business sector within eight time period.


The next thing for the agency ended up being this comes to walked open public with Initial Public Offering. After having open public, the firm stock crumbled from fifty bucks to $4. The beginner attempts to reach his / her name streetwear to haute couture but will get broken, that can cause a downfall in agency stock. On March 28, 2000, the beginner launched a multi-product certification understanding manage focus retailers for $27.8 million.

The name launches founded littler contours who were unique from Mossimo’s business sector dash. In 2006, the firm received by your Iconix Brand Group. The name is incredibly prominent among youngsters, young people, loyal users, as well as oldsters. The beginner ended up being mixed up in 2019 school admittance Bribery Scandal.

Mossimo ended up being the largest dress name in your United States. The agency moreover blows the particular certify in Australia, South American, Mexico, Japan, Philippines, as well as India. The name boasts a lot of models like Bikini Bottoms, Winter Bird Hat, Ballet Flats, Jeggings Jeans, Swim Shorts, Tankini Top, Halter Bikini Top, Sandals, Jeans and more.

Iconix Brand Group

Iconix Brand Group can be a brandname relief agency avoiding the particular performance the world over. Neil Cole conceptualized the firm in 1978. The agency manages from the central office operating out of New York, United States. In 2011, the commissions for the agency ended up being 4 hundred dollars million. The agency boasts the products it makes and products with 120 personnel. The Iconix Brand Group possessed a lot of sibling brands like Umbro, Lee Copper, Starter, Mossimo, as well as Mud Jeans.

The name are actually that make up retailers like Kohl’s, Kmart, Sears, Macy’s Target, as well as JC Penney. The agency service supplies the website of many companies like Artful Dodger, Bongo, Buffalo David Bitton, Candie’s, Cannon, Charisma, Danskin, Joe Boxer, London Fog, Marc Ecko, Material Girl, Modern Amusement, Starter and more. In 2018, Robert Galvin had become Chief Executive Officer for the agency.

Awards & Achievements

We lacked any specifics of the gives obtained by your name. The name accomplished big business with its creating good deal the firm.

Net Worth of Mossimo in 2022

Mossimo Net Worth
Mossimo Net Worth

The name for the agency depending on custom Mossimo Giannulli. He can be the beginner for the name. As of April 2022, The internet value of Mossimo can be 1 hundred dollars million. The beginner frequently tangled up in a lot of disputes and fraudulences. He bought the manufacturer to Iconix in 2006.

The agency adjustments the particular performance in lot of international locations of the globe. When the manufacturer is at the highest, the manufacturer ended up being that make up 1,700 retailers and 600 global marketing retailers all over the world. The name dropped much more than $19 million in 1997. At that period, the beginner possesses a share well worth five hundred dollars million.

Mossimo is a great case study that small conclusion can devastate the firm. It ended up being the highest name United States. The name can be maximizing the particular situation under Iconix. They try their full capacity to achieve a track record in companies.